Saturday 2nd January 2016




Entries are now closed for this event and we can provide further details now that we have an estimate of the number of players taking part.

  • It is estimated that there will be approximately 20 players taking part which means there will be10 teams each of 2 people.
  • Team pairings will be drawn at the commencement of the event. The top handicap player’s names will be placed in one container and the lower handicap players will take place in another container. Partner 1 will be drawn from the top handicap container and partner 2 will be drawn from the lower handicap container.
  • The top 5 seeded teams will play against each other on court 1 and the bottom 5 seeded teams will play against each other on court 3.
  • The event will be played on a round robin basis where each pair will play each of the other pairs on their court. Each pair will be guaranteed a minimum of 4 games.
  • Each match will be the best of 3 games, played to American scoring, up to 15 points. At 14 all the receiving team choose to play the first team to reach 1,3 or 5 points. with a point scoring as follows:
  • 2-0   5 points for the winner, 1 point for the loser.
  • 2-1   4 points for the winner, 2 point for the loser.
  • The team with the maximum number of points at the end of the event will be declared the winning team. In the event of a draw a playoff will take place.
  • Players will adopt the same handicaps as allocated in the Exley cup event and each pair will have a handicap of their sum total.
  • As staff are on their Festive holidays, we will make a provision for ordering take away food following the event.
  • The event will commence at 1:00pm and is expected to last for at least 4 hours.































To All Members,

Storrington Squash Club raised on 3rd October and 14th November 2015

£ 2071.10

I would like to thank all the Members who contributed to the cause, and once again a massive thanks to Nigel Rainer, Mike Van Der Weyden, Joel Message, Justin, Arlene, Ricky, Sally and all our Sponsors Robert Watkins, Sean Goring, Jim Hills, Roger Baldwin and Jonathan Scrase.

For supporting our chosen Charity and Storrington Squash Club.

We look forward to your continue support.

Thank you